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The Bus Collective is a unique and innovative concept that offers a one-of-a-kind stay experience. Located at Changi Village, this establishment complements Changi Village’s ecosystem and is housed in a refurbished single decker bus surrounded by nature and history.

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Step on board and be transported to a cosy and intimate setting. Whether you are seeking a romantic getaway, a family vacation, a transit hotel or a destination for your dream wedding, The Bus Collective is the perfect choice. With impeccable service, luxurious amenities and stunning location, we guarantee an unforgettable experience that will leave you longing to return. Book your stay with us and let us create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Nafi B K
Nafi B K
February 4, 2024
We had an excellent stay at The Bus Collective. All the staff members were friendly, professional and accomodating. The ambience and setup are ideal for family outing, providing a perfect setting for bonding experience. Bonus points are definitely having your own private patio with bbq pit, big umbrella shade and a thoughtful, convenient placed sink all attached to your bus unit on the outside. Everything else inside the room is clean and efficient. There are also few well strategized private accesses to various locations outside the premise along the fence enclosure. Its a truly unique experience. Thank you Bus Collective for the pleasant stay; and the great staffs who are always ready to help!
Girish Nair
Girish Nair
January 27, 2024
We needed a hotel to spend 17 hours in Singapore. We landed and started calling hotels in the city. Every hotel has its own check in rules and most didn’t have any vacancy. Bus collective had vacancy and were happy to accommodate our odd request. Eddie @ The Bus Collective was very friendly. The unique experience of living in a bus excited us. The bus is surprisingly spacious with four of us (two adults and two kids) easily fitting in with plenty of space for our luggage. The place and the accomodation is very clean and well kept. The staff is very friendly. I would highly recommend anyone visiting Singapore to experience this unique accommodation.
weiren kerk
weiren kerk
January 13, 2024
Natural environment, comfortable rooms, very suitable for leisure and resting space, five-star enjoyment!!!There is also a bar for dinner~ chill sia~
HK Lee
HK Lee
January 11, 2024
Changi Village is an area that we have yet to bring our kids to, and The Bus Collection staycation just made the journey to the east extra special. What with watching the sunrise at the patio from the first minute, plane spotting and playing games of guess the airline, sleeping in a bus (!) in the middle of a very rainy year end season, our kids had enjoyed themselves tremendously in this unique lodging. As a family, we took walks along Changi beach, ventures to Pulau Ubin by bumboat, put together a last minute bbq, thanks to the one-stop shops at Changi Village, alongside lessons in nature spying hornbills, monitor lizards and cute caterpillars roaming about in nature. The hawker centre right next to it with gated access meant that we had yummy food options all day long. The team was ever friendly and ready to assist for any queries we had during our stay, and kudos to them for managing a very full booking schedule in December with lots of smiles and positivity. Highly recommended for family time to unplug from the hustle and bustle of crowded weekends at busy shopping malls.
January 9, 2024
I stayed for one night with my family. I booked the room with 4 beds. The room and shower were quite clean and the ant situation that I read online was better that I thought as I did not see too many ants. I appreciate that the bbq pit set up was included so I could have a bbq dinner. And the Changi hawker centre is 5 min walk away which is a plus, we could buy our breakfast quite quickly. We had a door lock situation but the hotel staff was very quick to come to our aid. Which is very commendable. Great stay for one night staycation.
Omar Zahir
Omar Zahir
January 4, 2024
Unique experience and excellent service! Rooms layout was good despite it being in a used bus, everything was clean and well thought out. Patio and bbq was the highlight although we had to buy mosquito repellent, overall great experience and would definitely be back 👍🏻
Chin Guan Ang
Chin Guan Ang
January 2, 2024
We receive warmth welcome throughout our "bus-cation" from the staff (especially Ashleigh). It was a unique experience for family, and we are looking forward to visit again with new fun and activities. Thank you.
Umar Khan
Umar Khan
December 26, 2023
For me it's worth it cus of the unique place which is a bus n bbq pit and outdoor seating area (if you prefer fresh air u can open the door and use a stopper ).Great for people who like something different. It's just beside Changi village and there's a shop with bbq supplies and bbq food nearby Changi village.at night there's free entertainment music you can hear at at changi village(music from Shakira which makes me dance 🎶 🎉)there are planes flying above quite frequently but I barely hear the sound as I'm not a light sleeper. The cons is the safety part at the bed area ..I can fall down quite easily . at the bbq Area at night the light is so dim..I can't see clearly and may trip and fall when doing bbq.. hope the lights outside can be turn on more brighter to bbq outside at night. The staff are also helpful and friendly. My 3 kids autistic kids enjoyed their stay there and kept on asking to go back to the bus next time


Our Restaurant

With our Asian restaurant and a beachside bar, The Bus Collective has something for everyone and every taste bud. The only worry is finding time to try them all.

The alluring

Changi Point, with its rustic charm and lush greenery, is an enduring icon to many Singaporeans


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Repurposed bus hotel in Changi Village opens for bookings for stays

The Bus Collective features rooms made from 20 decommissioned Scania public buses that were previously operated by SBS Transit.

— The Straits Times

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东南亚首个旧巴士酒店 提供别样住宿体验


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The Bus Collective at Changi Village offers 20 suites made from repurposed buses

There are 20 guest suites at The Bus Collective – each putting the term "glow-up" to shame with their blend of aesthetically pleasing features including marble tops and rain showers.

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Stay In Old SBS Vehicles In Changi Village At A New “Bus Hotel”

If you have an appreciation for kitschy aesthetics, then an overnight stay at The Bus Collective should rank high on your hit list.

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Changi's new resort hotel with rooms made from repurposed buses

Original parts of the buses — including windows, driver seats, and steering wheels — have been retained as unique features of the rooms.

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Public buses converted into luxury resort have parked in Changi Village

The Bus Collective has arrived in the heart of Changi Village, offering unique and eco-conscious luxury suites in a fleet of buses that previously trundled the streets of Singapore.

— Travel Weekly Asia

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Public Buses Are Repurposed Into Fancy Rooms At This Glamorous Resort In Singapore

Perfect for those who are curious to find out what it's like to spend a night in a former mode of transportation. But, if you're not going for the concert, there are loads to check nearby the suite


The Sydney Morning Herald | The Bus Collective

Singapore is converting old buses into stylish hotel rooms

The buses are spaces of comfort and sophistication, featuring marble countertops, rain showers, sumptuous beds and full-sized bathtubs amid muted-toned decor. There are various bed configurations available and each has a private deck.

— The Sydney Morning Herald

CNBC | The Bus Collective

Southeast Asia’s first luxury hotel made from retired buses opens in Singapore

The Bus Collective is Southeast Asia’s first resort hotel to refurbish decommissioned buses into guest rooms.

— CNBC Asia